Hello, We Are Mad About Your Brand’s Design

We call ourselves Mad Design, because we mad-ly love to do our best as visual designers, art directors, illustrators, UX/UI geeks and creative consultants. Should you need a pinch or a truckload of madly good, thoughtful, timeless and growth-focused design for your brand, contact us.

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Add soul to your content with illustrations

Why yes, there are AI tools for illustrations, but…do they ever get it just right? Our illustrators are not as quick as an AI but they are certainly more thoughtful about your values and the end result. Our illustrations have appeared in magazines, brochures, apps, books, blogs, zines and websites and even hand-painted on a coffee stand. Digital or traditional media? Big or small? Madly colourful or just a line work? Let’s discuss.

Types of illustrations we offer

Used to accompany an article, a blog post and other types of written content.

Apps are typically very visual, and greatly benefit from custom-made illustrations. No matter the niche area of the app, we can find a way to illustrate it nicely and enhance the user’s experience of swiping through your app.

Crafting Intuitive Experiences

We dare to say that this is our studio’s true pride and glory. Complex app layouts, detailed content management systems, multi-layered websites with many subsections, e-shops with a myriad of categories…we’ve done them all and we’ve done them well. And since every company nowadays needs at least a great website, we’d like to offer you our skills, wisdom, talent and endless patience for excellent UX/UI solutions, tailored perfectly just for you. 

Unlocking the Power of Visual Design

Visual design AKA the usual design stuff. The logos, brochures, magazine layouts, promotional materials, stickers, car decals, concert posters, presentation templates or clothing tags. We all see a lot of visual design everyday and so we think it matters a great deal to get it maddeningly well crafted for you. 

Visual design is not just about making things look pretty; it’s about creating a memorable user experience. It guides users through your content, making it easier for them to understand, engage with, and remember your message. Whether you’re aiming to convey professionalism, creativity, or simplicity, visual design is your key to leaving a positive and lasting impression on your audience.


Mad Design is a small studio with a big reach and a mad array of skills. We are a husband-and-wife duo (plus occasional design assistants), both of us graphic designers and neither of us comfortable with a bland, spineless design of meh. Instead, we set up Mad Design to offer you thoughtful, timeless, growth-focused visual communication solutions that elevate your brand to the next level.

In the studio you will find:

Esa Ahonen

Co-founder; Creative Director

Ever the detail-oriented, patient, hawk-eyed UX/UI master, Esa crafted an array of beautiful, madly functional websites, e-shops and CMS for the big names: the City of Helsinki, ArtCloud, SDP and Vihreät. After years spent clicking his life away in various ad agencies, Esa set off on his own, creating Mad Design in 2012 and never looking back. Besides UX/UI, Esa finds layout design quite meditative, and takes great care about typography.


Michaela Ahonen

Co-founder; Art Director; Illustrator; Writer

Always ready to doodle and admire fine art and trashy 50s kitsch, Michaela crafts most logos, picks most colour palettes, and serenely browses through 25 pages of stock photos to find The One that will fit your project perfectly. Michaela likes everything to do with printed word and illustrated ideas, and she is here to create fitting illustrations, timeless logos and teeny-tiny pictograms. A dedicated tea lover, Michaela dreams of designing for a tea brand – are you the one to give her the chance? 


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